Leadership Development Coaching

My Leadership Coaching is a partnership that engages in a thought-provoking and creative process to help you accomplish your leadership goals.

 Answer these questions:      

  • What traits do you already have that inspire people to follow you?
  • What traits do you need to develop so that people will follow you?

Why do you need a Leadership Development Coach?

Effective leadership does not happen just because you’re the boss.  Effective leadership is a function of deliberate development over time.  In order to deliver on an organization’s vision and goals, you must be able to effectively lead yourself first, then others!

How would you like to be the leader that could effectively produce the following results in your organization?

  • Increased productivity
  • A more engaged work force
  • Healthier work relationships and work environment
  • Improved morale
  • Better use of work force talents and resources
  • Decreased turnover rates

What is Leadership Development?  

In short, Leadership Development is about how you interact with people in a work or professional environment and how you develop professional competence and career growth.

Together, will work on developing three key areas.

First, we will work on your soft skills.

This includes your Emotional Intelligence which is how you interact with, develop, motivate and inspire others.  I will help you be intentional in your efforts to get people invested in your vision, take ownership for the results and together celebrate your shared success.

Next, we’ll look at your professional competence.

People who follow you want to know that you know where you are going and what you are doing.  So where are you strongest?  And where do you need to improve?  We will identify your strengths and development areas and consider training and growth opportunities that will support your competence goals.  We will also look at potential ways for you to take on challenges that will help you stretch and stand out.

Finally, we’ll focus on your career growth and trajectory.

I will help you get clear early in your career about who you are as a leader and how your behavior contributes to (or hinders) your leadership success.  We will also identify your ideal leadership environment and the conditions where you will have the best chance to excel. Knowing who you are will help you find the right environments that is full of leadership possibility.

 How to get started!

I invite you to participate in a complimentary consultation session to decide if leadership development coaching is right for you!

Contact me at 832-886-2929